I want to be able to send faxes via email FREE???

    Here the deal, I have efax for inbound which costs me nothing each month - its great, they give you a number 0871 admitted, but faxes are sent to your email free of charge.

    Is there any company website that enables you to send free faxes, I dont have a dial up account only broadband, although I do have a phone line fairly close

    any suggestions appreciated


    In answer to your question, I dont know...

    what is this site for free faxes? :thumbsup: Thanks

    I am not sure on this one, I think you may need a fax modem (dial up) installed, can be bought for less than a tenner.

    Don't hold me to that though mate, I just remember someone having the same problem a couple of months back and reading about it.

    Maybe a quick Google could help you, I will try later when I have more time.

    yeah there is a service and you dont need a fax modem, I will look it up for you.

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    Efax is excellent, no monthly charge etc but incoming only as a freebee, they charge about £8-9 per month for sending faxes - but I only send one probabily once a month maybe 2 at the most which £8-9 i'd be better off going to the stationey shop at £2 a pop!

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    Looks a good option for the occassional fax, has anyone used the service before??

    Efax as mentioned above

    Free fax machine

    Thanks to a clever little tool called eFax free, it’s possible to turn your PC into a fax machine. You get your own special number which people can fax you on and faxes are then converted into email format. The company’s aim is to tempt to you upgrade to paid fax software which allows you to fax out.

    The only problem with this system is you’re given an 0870 number which costs people faxing you up to 8p/minute during the day (it’s cheaper evenings and weekends). Normally I rail against 0870 numbers (see Saynoto0870 article) yet as this provides a service, it works well. However, do let people faxing you know how much it will cost, as effectively they are subsidising your free fax machine.



    Thank you for your interest in a 30-day trial of eFax Plus. Your 30-day trial includes:
    [*]A personal fax number in your chosen area code
    [*]Sending up to 50 pages and receiving up to 130 pages at no charge
    [URL="javascript:MM_openBrWindow('/en/efax/twa/getRatesPopup','newWin','scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no,height=560,width=660')"]check rates for sending faxes[/URL][/LIST] After the 30-day trial you can continue your service for only £7.50 GBP per month.

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