I want to buy freshly milled wheat flour

    I want to make chappatis from what flour - but wondering where I can buy freshly milled wheat flour or get it ground at a mill in or near London... ??? Are there any grinding mill shops in UK that mill any grains for you in front of your eyes?


    What flour ?


    What flour ?

    there is a non typo in there too

    unless youre looking for this in bulk
    ill think youll find the costs prohibitive to get it done

    can I ask why you want to see them do it ?

    whole foods markets sell it i believe

    here are some mills, none in london though
    Shipton Mill: available from Whole Foods Markets (in Glasgow and London), or
    Gilchesters Organics:

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    Sorry - I meant "wheat flour !!"

    And i dont necessarily need to see them do it, but what I mean to say is that, I just want it freshly milled and hot so I know that it was made on that day only. ( If that makes sense)

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    I guess the letter 'e' of my keyboard malfunctions sometimes..!
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