I want to create youtube videos, which pc is best and cheapest to buy

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I want to create youtube videos, which pc is best and cheapest to buy

I am a student so don't want to spend too much, and also don't want a brand new if I could save some bucks.

Also, there are hundreds and hundreds of pcs on ebay, gumtree and facebook market, but I am not sure what exactly should I go for ?


I will be editing videos, e.g. joining them, adding effects etc. etc..

I just found out GPUs are not important, so I guess a blade server would be best, but I saw on youtube they are too noisy, so maybe a tower server with xeon around £200 then ?
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Pick one.

How about you link us some of the second hand ones you have seen and tell us your budget?

If you are going new, build yourself. Used - all depends on what you plan on doing altogether. A bit more information required.
Why not use your phone or the cheapest with a internet connection.
OP please be more specific you may as well of said: "I want to drive places, which car is the best and cheapest to buy."

It's a bit open ended, will you edit video? Editing 4K or even HD video can be resource intensive. This makes the barrier to entry much higher.

If you're using it just to upload or film woth a webcam then any pc on the last 10 years would be okay.
What programme will you be using as some utilise gpu and some do not. What kind of resolution will you be uploading them in and how long are the videos?
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