i want to get a sim to put in an old phone but i only need data NOT mins or txts

    Any ideas what would be best for me? its simply so my son can have a go on pokemon go when out and about, he won't be using the phone in the house or for any calls or txts etc

    any advice would be appreciated


    Don't know how much data Pokemon needs, probably a lot, if so look at Unlimited Data sim from Three (Expensive)
    If not need info too much data then I think this is a great data sim for 2gb a month...…1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480518251&sr=8-1π=SY200_QL40&keywords=ee+data+sim+24gb&dpPl=1&dpID=51KuUNto%2BOL&ref=plSrch

    search 3 data sim on here 24gb for 28quid and you can use it over 2 years.

    Ee data sim 12gb over 6months £24 ebay

    Original Poster

    thank you everyone, ill look into that now.

    Pokemon uses surprisingly low amounts of data, but chews through the battery as it uses GPS for everything.

    I ordered an Asda mobile PAYG sim for free, then topped it up £10 and purchased the Mega 30 day Xmas bundle - 20GB data & unlimited minutes and texts. Again so that son could play Pokemon Go. When that runs out I can buy another bundle - offer on until 31/12/2016…wcB

    3 did a free data sim that gave 200Mb free a month.

    I think all the networks do data only Sims. They are used in tablets but you can put in a phone.


    search 3 data sim on here 24gb for 28quid and you can use it over 2 years.

    Thanks, just ordered, here's the link for anyone else who's interested;…e=1
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