I want to get LED bulbs for my lamp fitting, listing is AC, DC or AC/DC Bulbs? Which Are The Best To Buy?

Posted 22nd Feb 2015
As above My lamp fitting uses G4, halogen, 10W, 12V, bulbs currently. This listing is for LEDs for 1.5W at either AC, DC or AC/DC varieties, bit confused which one to get? Is this suitable? Thank you

Tried Googling and not found any solutions.


Warm White is the usual one I go for, not sure I'll like Cool White's bluish tinge (got some Warm White LED bulbs I'm happy with currently).
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Went for AC/DC 1.5W G4s, 20 x for £13.09. ebay.co.uk/itm…542
I've been changing my bulbs to leds and these are usually 12v so you might have to change your transformer to an led transformer (its a box that converts mains voltage to 12v) most existing ones won't work with led as there's no enough power. Just bought some mr16s for the bathroom and they all flicker so I need new transformers
Thanks, sherbolton. I saw AC/DC bulbs listed as "universal" so assumed that would cover all bases. I know a techie type who works with LEDs and all manner of electronics, but he's incommunicado today
Old style bulb would have been AC , LEDs themselves are DC.
the AC/DC type should have a rectifier circuit built in for them to work with either.
AC/DC would work with AC or with DC of unknown polarity - if the transformer is iron core, then it will be AC, while if the transformer is electronic, it might be DC.

The other big thing to watch in G4 fitting LED bulbs ... where are the LEDs aimed?
The ones with a flat disc, are often aimed the wrong way for many fittings.
The other style, with LEDs on 90 degree vanes, casts some light directly and some off the reflector in a desk lamp style side socket fitting, but does not have anything firing off the end (make sure the reflector is clean if the bulb is end socket fitted, as all the light is going by it!)
Gah, I got a 20x pack of my G4s (AC/DC) today to use in a 10 x light fitting.

Disaster. Within half an hour, five have failed (they all worked initially), there's a slight "flicker" effect which I don't see on the G9s I have (bought elsewhere), or the Poundland LEDs. Replacing the dead bulbs works, but I wonder if they'll fail too. Is this common with LED bulbs or have I just been unlucky?

Edit: Blink. Make that six bulbs failed so far!
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From an Amazon discussion about G4 LEDs: "Replacing the old halogen bulbs with new LED bulbs is not always straightforward. Some people have good results, some don't. The reason is that LED lights need a different transformer from the halogens. Many of the old halogen transformers do not "recognise" the LED bulbs that are connected in the circuit and do not give enough or any power to drive them. The result is that the user thinks that the bulbs do not work, when in fact they maybe perfectly OK. If you have two or more halogen bulbs in one circuit, then typically you can leave one halogen in place and replace the others with LEDs. The single halogen should keep the LEDs in the same circuit working."

Tried one halogen G4 bulb, didn't work. Tried two, nope.
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