I want to go and buy a PC for less than £400 today where should i go?

    As above i am off out today for a PC as we were going to buy a new motherboard for ours but dont want to buy that and that is not the problem as we ahve already bought new ram but it was not that so a long story cut short we have a good graphics crad in ours so thats not a owrry but i just want to pop out today and pickl one up already to go no faffing

    Anyone know where to go?



    pc world

    Try Dell online, free del. Search here for Mike's deals.
    Don't forget to go via a cashback site wherever you decide to buy.

    Try supermarkets tesco asda morrisons sainsburys etc. :thumbsup:

    Aldi? They often have good deals on Medions. Certainly cheaper than PCWorld.

    If you do go to PCWorld, check online prices first as they're usually cheaper than shop and you can reserve online and collect at shop.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys i am quite interested in this one…spx

    does anyone kow if their are still some available instore

    think u be better off building your own, as you will get better specs, which will last longer than tesco low spec pcs

    If you haven't already gone then Staples have a small range of HP PCs that are very reasonably priced and specified.

    Somehow I think that 'building your own' may just qualify as faffing about!
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