I Want To Go Xbox 360 Live

    I'll be getting my new wireless router this weekend and think that its time to expand my gaming capabilities too.

    So I guess I'll be needing:

    xbox 360 wireless networking adapter
    12 months membership
    wireless headset

    Cheapest I can find so far is PC World online (not in store prices)

    Ideally I'd like to pick them up tomorrow, so I can get to use them over the weekend but not majorily essential I guess !

    Anyone know of any deals ?

    Also, does anyone currently use a 360 wireless networking adapter ? Are they OK ?

    Thanks for any help / advice.



    hey, i got a wireless network adaptor the offical one from PCWorld as well for £50 and they are ace IMO...great coverage and with the right software on your computer you can also stream movies like Xvids or DivX's to your xbox with no problems...also there is no lag with the device when playing online it's really good! one more thing is to check whether your router is compatable with the adpator...check using [url][/url]

    hope it helps thanks:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Holy moly, I never thought of that, thanks JDX360.

    Anyone know of a CABLE/TELEWEST (not ethernet cable) compatible wireless router that works with the XBOX live networking adaptor ?

    Just an idea if your after a 12 month subscription and headset you could purchase the live vision camera which comes with a 12 month subscription code, headset, uno code. Not a bad deal are selling it for £49.99 plus 2% Quidco cashback but are out of stock at the moment and you may be able to find cheaper elsewhere…tml

    yeah 100th post!:-D

    anyhoo...i use a Belkin Wireless Router F5D7230 - works with telewest and the wireless adaptor...…id=

    hope it helps:) :thumbsup:

    If you don't find running a cable, you purchase one of these, 10m length, from Game at £9.99 instead of a wireless adapter.
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