I want to make a short animation or gif

Found 17th Feb
After today's earthquake I wanted to make a short animation about Ireland stealing Wales under orders of the EU

Nothing fancy just a joke I want to send to someone

i googled it but mostly came up with sites that looked like phishing or scam sites.

I'm sure Andyroyd or someone similar will pick this one up.

Thanks in advance.
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If you have a PC and Microsoft office you could create a powerpoint animation?

What platform are you working with?
Yep got powerpoint but don't know what it does. I shall have a look. Or maybe ask my 11 year old for advice.
Powerpoint is quiet easy to use and offers simple animations at the click of a button. It will certainly be adequate to make a short animation.

An 11 year will be more than capable of showing you the various tools and functions.

Good luck!
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