I want to set up a web site but do not know how to

Found 9th Jan 2018
what will it cost?
are there recuring costs?
what about these sites that say easy build?
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I found wix to be a very useful website building tool but it’s not cheap - it was about £70 for the year from memory for hosting and to access their design tools online. Plus extra to register a domain name if you don’t already have one plus £40 per annum for email inbox (ie a website form that routes to an email inbox for you). Not much if you are running a business though
Easyname.com currently offering free domain and hosting for a year.
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Wordpress it’s customisable the way you want it and it’s free !!!
All you will have then is the recurring cost of your domain and hosting. Host with someone like Krystal, it’s £60 a year (cheaper if you buy 3 years upfront), free domain, unlimited emails, SSL cert.
Depends on what the site needs to do, and the amount of traffic you expect.
Be careful that when you set up your domain, it is yours! If you use one of these cheap ones quite often in the small print is that they own the domain name, and should you wish to move hosts, you’d have to buy it off them, usually for a couple of thousand. Cheap is not always better.
I pay 9.99 a month for SSL, and hosting and 24 hour help if I need it. The emails are all done via the website, or you can have a ticket system. It’s free to maintain and can have a lot of emails.
My host designed mine for me, using word press, and is ecommerce . This way you can use mods, and have it catered to your needs.
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yeah what choccie says is about right, you can sign your own ssl and get it for free though if you want to save £120 a year

if you decide to self host (vps) it can sometimes work out cheaper, for example I have a server I use for my small ecommerce site which is costing me £2 a month, and because it's not shared hosting I can use cloudflares shared SSL so I have no extra costs for that, on top of that I use zoho for a mailbox which is free too
Depends what it is you want it to do @miles136 If you want just a site for presenting info then something like Wordpress would be ideal as @AirbusA380 mentioned above.

My wife set up her own business start of last year and wanted an online store. Launched on Big Cartel and it was great but we soon outgrew their features. We moved over to Shopify and despite it being a bit more per month it is amazing and the apps you can use are great. Tried Wix but for some reason just couldnt get on with it.
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