I want to watch TV on my Laptop!

    Like the title suggests- I want to be able to watch tv on my laptop, what is the best/cheapest method of doing this???



    Can you get Freeview?

    plenty of £12-£25 dvb-t dongles about to pick up freeview on a laptop or pc, whether you need a proper attic/roof aerial or if you're in the minority where a small aerial will suffice is another matter though.


    i have dvb cost £25 and its great even record on the comp

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    Can anyone recommend where to get one? Im going to be staying in london so hopefully reception should not be a problem.

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    London, as with the rest of the UK except a few lucky patches still has a weak DVB-T broadcast and is no guarantee a portable aerial will pick Freeview up, not to mention the denser collection of buildings absorbing more of the signal, you still need a high gain roof/attic aerial to guarantee any reception, just a small few are lucky to not need it.

    Plenty here:

    My Leadtek Winfast DTV Dongle DOES NOT work in London on a mobile aerial and neither would any other dtv device with a small aerial included or my Philips indoor powered amplified antenna, I took it up with my laptop to my parents where they have a roof aerial, where it was fine, I can't emphasise roof aerial access enough.
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