i want tv/movies on demand! is xmbc the way to go?

    Not too sure if anyone has flown Emirates but their entertainment sysyem is top notch, with hundreds of movies albums videos concerts etc.
    is thats what xmbc can be?
    just bought prisonbreak over here and thinking about getting a few csi's, movies and lost (complete 2 seasons for under £30).
    i've started backing up my dvds onto hard drive.
    will this work with xmbc? with titles etc etc
    would like remote control too.
    so if i wanna do what i'm doing is a modded xbox the way to go?
    many thanks


    That's all possible with XBMC, you can either put the hard drive in it or stream from a computer or NAS (which is what I do with 3 Xboxs in the house) Basically XMBC is like going through windows in list mode, whatever title you give a file is the name you'll see in XBMC, there are other things with XBMC too like TV Guide etc. and if you buy a Xbox remote control you can use it or any universal remote for it. You will need a special mod and do some soldering if you want to be able to turn it on and off using the remote though

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    cheers thanks alot.
    guess the first thing i'm gonna buy is an old xbox from game when i get back.
    sounds easier than having dvds all over the place. just takes a while ripping dvds, but i'll have a fantastic library
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