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Found 16th Oct 2017
When buying a laptop what do you look for I’m not into gaming just regular use of watching videos on YouTube, apps, and games. What’s the difference between i3, i5 and i7 and what is better 4gb ram with 500gb hdd or 8gb ram with 256gb hdd. I mostly need storage to put my photos and movies saved in what would you recommend for me I need 15.6inch screen and specs I don’t know much about so I’m asking again what do you look for when buying a laptop
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For your usage an i3 will be more than enough. The i5 and i7 are more powerful but your activities (save for games possibly) will not show the difference.

In regards to the HDD and RAM, more RAM will allow the system to feel snappier and 4gb is possibly a little low. I would go for 8gb if the 256gb (the measure of space on the HDD) is enough. Photos are no problem I should imagine with 256gb but games and movies can quickly chew that up.

In regards to photos, maybe look up Google Photo's, saves them all online so no losing the pictures as well as allowing you to free up some space.
The 500/250gb HDD are just different size storage drives. Obviously bigger is usually better but think about how much you need to store. A typical HD movie around 2.5gb, 250 photos would probably be around 1gb. That's only if you intend to store them, most of the things you do online won't use any of that storage. If the pictures are saved to Google photos for example, they won't use any of that storage.

With that in mind there are also SSD's as an alternative to a HDD. You would be looking at a 120gb SSD costing more than an equivalent 500gb HDD. They both do the same job but and SSD performs much better, everything will seem much quicker with an SSD.

With the RAM I'd aim for the 8gb if you plan on having multiple things going on at once, at lot of these facebook games an such which I assume you mean when you say games can use loads of it. Don't worry if you find the perfect laptop but with 4gb as its easy to upgrade to 8 yourself.
Things I look for are, in this order:

1. Ergonomics. It's really the most important thing. Nothing makes a laptop more unpleasant to use than a badly placed track pad, or a keyboard which feels like typing on scrotum.

2. The screen. Anything less than 14", 1080, and IPS is unacceptable. TN panels are particularly offensive on mobile platforms

3. It having an SSD. Mechanical hard drives are a relic of the dark days of computers, and should only be used for bulk storage or backups.

4. Decent battery life. If I can't squeeze a game of Civilization in on the flight from here to Spain, it's of no use to me.

5. RAM. 4GB is adequate for a laptop. Laptops aren't suited to heavy duty tasks anyway, so there's not much which really justifies more than 4GB.

6. CPU. It doesn't really matter too much because laptop performance isn't much of a concern these days, as modern mainstream CPUs have pretty much all risen to the point that they're Good Enough for most tasks. If you're doing really heavyweight stuff, you need a desktop.

7. Extras. USB ports? Hdmi / display port?

For yourself, it really depends on your own priorities. Feel free to take that as a rough guide, though.
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