i was 14 last year, and 17 in 4 days

    haha i rule you all


    not sure if thats a good thing. But congrats seeing as how you're pleased with yourself. LOL

    Original Poster

    14, that is so young, im glad im not tht age anymore

    But you was also 15 last year. ( For 99.9% of it ) :thumbsup:

    Many happy returns for Saturday. :-D

    yes ............oh the memories ! start of the driving lessons , best age

    14 start of 07 then 15 a day or so after
    16 jan this year 08
    and 17 start of jan 09

    Original Poster

    17 soon, cant wait

    Didnt I read this joke before going to bed last night...but it look slightly different lol
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