I went to the pub about an hour ago - then to another - both were quiet

    When I was there almost no one was there.

    How can it be this quiet this close to Christmas?

    One of my mates was leaving the second as I got there - and went back in for one.

    Is the credit crunch making people use cash for presents and leaving them with no drinking money?

    So I got a lift home - and am sitting here drinking the present I bought for my brother. Its great stuff - he is lucky to have a brother like me.


    all outside having a fag (no homo)

    Maybe people are too cold to venture out

    I popped into Sainsburys at about 8pm, fully expecting it to me mad busy but it was dead! Must be the weather, so icy here it's dangerous to drive

    Original Poster

    There was no one outside smoking.

    The bogs smelled heavily of tobacco and other substances with mixed sex giggles coming from the cludgie.

    There are about six pubs all fairly close including those we passed on the way home - and no one was outside smoking.

    These poor guys who sell knock off tobacco must be preparing for a dire Christmas.
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