I will not be watching the Olympics.

    The human rights abuses are atrocious and there are too many drugs it´s a complete farce. Boycott it please.


    plus your TV is all boxed up cos your scared to open it :P

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    Pmsl I have the legit one too lol.

    I wont be watching it because its going to be boring, I dont really care if the 100m world record gets beating by 0.1 second.

    They should allow all drugs to be used, then I would pay for someone to run the 100m in under 6 seconds! and im sure alot of other people would too!!!! even though they will disagree

    i never watch stuff like that..just doesnt appeal

    Olympics = Boring

    Dont get all the hype

    Im quite looking forward to it, to see the skill and commitment that these athletes put into their sport its inspiring. There are a select few who have tarred the image of sport (not just the Olympics) but i will not let that affect my enjoyment of the games.


    I'll watch london 2012, might change my mind by then.

    that means u won't be much on tv then.............uuuum.......UK troops in iraq (no UK tv for u then)..........US troops also in iraq (no american tv or films).................sounds hypocritical to me.............guess u should be boycotting your UK ISP too..............


    love it! can't wait for the olympics to start.....

    boring not worth turning the tv on for lol

    cant wait till olympics!!!!!!!!!!! How can you guys say, its boring???? and they're not on drugs, and don't start about human right abuse....The rights unfortunately are being abused all over the world, in every single country and every single day. Start boycotting human right abuse in UK, and then move to the olympics pls...

    I'll be watching with pleasure. And I feel sorry about Tibet-but same as you will not do a thing to help them. Am i right?
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