I won a competition but thought it was a hoax

    I recieved a phone call last night from someone to say I had won a competition.
    They said I had taken part in a survey that had a prize for doing the survey.
    I was asked was I between 25-60, and had said my ideal holiday destination was Florida etc. etc.
    Told them I cant remember filling in a survey but I may have.
    He said the name of the website "something" along those lines.
    Again I said I wasnt sure it may have been my wife.
    He asked if it would be beter for him to call back.
    I asked him what was the competition and what had I won.
    He said it was a 7 night holiday and then the phone went dead.
    When I looked at my emails that night I noticed in my emails that I had filled in a survey and therefore entered a competition to win a 7 night holiday in 5star hotel in Malta.
    The company was Fair exchange (
    Now I think I've lost out on the holiday as I thought it was a hoax and wasnt forthcoming to the guy. Also there is no contact details to get in touch.
    Rodney you plonker!!!!!!!


    email them ? I would!

    no contact details would suggest the site is dodgy to me.......:?

    con mate been there done that, the cow on the other end of the line said the same to me

    You will probably find that everyone who filled in the survey "won" a holiday, so dont worry about it, there would have been some sort of catch.

    I cant believe in this day of identity theft you filled out a survey and gave your phone number (and other personal details I assume).

    How do you know this company is not going to sell your phone number and other personal details on to someone else?

    You really do have to be careful with your personal details nowadays.…asp

    yeah i would say this is a scam

    If they hung up as soon as you sounded a bit dubious, you can be fairly certain it was a scam.

    its a scam i get them alot ..aged 25-60...good chance they be right then!!!!!!!!they hung up so its probably a newbie in the cold calling centre not being confident enough to keep the call going havent lost out on anything..i win kitchens bathrooms and holidays all the time...

    its a scam.....this gives a bit more explanation…asp

    Wife had a similar call a couple of years ago. Once we googled the name/tel no we discovered it was some kind of timeshare hard sell...

    defo scam. I had the same, said florida was ideal destination. you would have had to pay somewhere, I told them to get lost when they mentioned me having to pay anything!

    This one sounds like a scam, I had something similar, but it was the local radio station calling, and I was such a grump with them asking where they got my number from and who the hell they where, they cut me off, I was transferred to a producer and told I had missed out on 5K.

    Timeshare. Forget about it.

    WTH??!!! Just got a call 5 mins ago along very similar lines. Was congratulated and asked to call 08009889904 with ref hell I will...scam through and through..or they invite you over to some place and do a hard sell...

    Original Poster

    Yeah I thought it was timeshare at first myself.
    Going on the feedback here it sounds like a scam. Thanks guys.
    Will unsubscribe from the website and blank the call if they call again.
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