I WON My first Competition !!!...... I think

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Found 25th Jul 2008
I said I would Post when I first Won a Comp and I have!!

Got an Email today at 8am from CDWOW. They said I have won a pair of standing tickets to See Blondie Live at a car show on Monday. I do remember entering.

However I was to give them adrs and phone number by 3pm today as its on Monday night and missed it cos I been at work. Does this sound normal procedure, seems a bit unfair!

But I happy I won anyway!!


I've never won a competition like that before so I can't say if it's normal or not.

BUT it sounds odd!!! especially as CD-WOW is Hong Kong based and many hours ahead of us.

Congrats anyway!

maybe they needed to post them to you by 3 so that you would get them by monday?

although it does seem a bit late to leave the drawing of the prizes

might be something to do with getting them posted to you in time?

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True, They should have thought of that tho.

I would have loved to have gone

Well Done :thumbsup:

It's a pity you don't work for the Council. You probably would've got their email on time then, cos all we do all day is surf the net and read our personal email etc.

CD Wow don't make contact its done by a Promotions Agency on their behalf.
My son won a trip to Hollywood USA for 2 all expenses limo and first class hotel.
The company CD Wow used to fulfill the prize tried emailing him but he never got it as his email client treated it as spam.
When entering the comp he also gave his phone number and that's how they made contact which at first we thought was one of those scam phone calls but all was correct and paperwork was sent via post to show the extent of the prize and fine print in taking it.

the first competition i won was from marie claire magazine a trip for two to Paris 4 star hotel paid, flights and transfer and a fashion show. my partner thought it was a scam when a phone call came to tell me i won.

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Thanks for your comments, anyone else experienced CD WOW?!


My mum has some tickets for this concert but she lives in Preston.

If anyone wants to pick them up from Preston, she will be happy to hand them over.

have you seen The real Hustle lately,

they send you away to watch somthing like this in the mean time they break into your house and clear everysingle room. works out cheaper for them. if its a con.

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Perhaps I will say Im going, and wait at Home for them!!!:x
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