I won the lottery 2 nights in a row, Yabba Dabba Doo

    Just thought I'd share the news two tonights in a row I have won the lottery.Mind you 2 number on Friday got me £2.60 and 3 numbers last night £10.

    They say things come in 3s, so I am off to the bookies for the first time ever to put a bet on a half blind 3 legged horse that I have seen with odds at 100-1.

    Happy Father's day people.


    must be people lucky week.
    I won £2.50 on the plus 5 on Thursday, then £6.90 on fri euro mils. Doesn't even add up to a £10 lol but its better than nothing
    Good luck on the 3rd.

    Original Poster

    Must be a good week for all then, that's the next few tickets paid for. Be nice if a big one came in but as Beth says something is better than nothing.

    According to a ex director of Camelot "people really think they will win the lottery" the real mechanics is give only the saved interest and most of the time to anonamized players. Still I say good luck to all who play lottery with a million dreams, may every one win.

    I had 2 lucky stars on euromils, nothing. And one number last night, nothing

    won a tenner last night
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