'I work really hard as a full-time mum and consider my benefits to be my wages'

    Mother-of-three Pam, 33, hasn't worked for 13 years and is proud she has managed to save from her benefits to pay for new bikes, a £1,600 Golf car and Sky TV throughout the house.


    hate the sun, shes got a bit of a chest, so she becomes a story.

    And i dislike her too. They always complain to have nothing but the 'important things' like cigs, A BIG TV and big gold rings. Oh, and of course, they love their kids....

    Thats why they are out every saturday night.

    fair play to her, dont get me wrong i hate benifit scroungers but being a single mum of 3 i can understand why she cant work, and to manage to get all tht on beneifits via saving is fair enough, cant hate on het just cos shes smart with her finances


    OP - You're a bit more clever than that, you know who the newspapers support and all you're doing is provoking.

    Not going to have a wasted day tidying up all this nonsense.

    Cutting and pasting newspaper headlines and adding nothing to the topic is not fair game.

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