I would just like to Thank everyone for help and advice on Sciatica last night ....

    I have just been through all the replies and have replied to many of you, i was unable to PM some of you as your mail boxes were full....

    Thanks xx


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    i didnt see your thread last night , i am sorry your mum has sciatic it … i didnt see your thread last night , i am sorry your mum has sciatic it is one of the worst things in the world to have, have just skimmed through the posts on the thread, my advice would be to see her GP get refereed to see orthopaedic surgeon ASAP.Dont want to scare you but i have has sciatic and prolapsed discs since i was 13 years old, wasnt diagnosed until 2003, after years of being told its cos your tall ( Im 6ft Tall) finally saw a wonderful surgeon called Paul Davies who told me what was wrong, so after therapy, physio and tons of other things my last resort was to have a disc fusion and disc removal , there was a 90% success rate so i thought rather then be in constant pain as i was go for it, had surgery in 2004 and it was the worst thing i have ever done, it has made my back 1000% worse, and i now have degenerate disc disease , i now have spinal injections to kill all the nerves in my lower spine to try and ease the pain, they are good and lessen the pain but dont get rid of it, after having years of pain killers there is nothing other then morphine i can have now and that is only if the pain is really bad, i can have more disc fusions they might or might not work either way within 10 to 15 years i will be in a wheelchair. so the sooner she sees her GP the better, i would hate to see another person go through what i went through over the last 25 years and what i have to look forward to. Please make sure she see's a specialist ASAP before it gets any worse.

    Hi, she has been to see her GP and is having Physio (once a week, only had 3 weeks of it so far), my dad went with her last week (he is disabled due to his back/heart) and was getting angry because of the pain my mum is suffering, he raised his voice to the doctor and said something needs to be done, because mum can't carry on like this, the doctor was very abrupt and personal back to my dad, he basically said, that my dad was living spoof that back operations are not very successful (my dad has had about 5 ops on his back because his spine is crumbling severely). My dad went onto say that mum has even been offered a scan or anything, the doctor said "she can have a scan if she wants one", this doctor has been around since i was young and we have never had a problem with him. So, she is now waiting for a scan, if she hasnt received one over the next week, i will ring up to make sure he has requested one. Its the numbness that my mum is suffering more with, her calf to her foot (left leg) is completely numb, she is falling so frequently now, its scarey, i live with family, not too far away but because of my dad, he can't help her when she does fall. I am going to investigate those pain patches that someone was on about. They sound excellent. Thanks for advice and concern and i will make sure things get done because it has gone on for too long xx

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    Replied via PM, She is resting now because of her last fall, she has sprained her ankle and bruised her knee, but she is trying to move around every half hour or so. yes she is taking anti imflammatory painkillers, how long did you have physio for? she's only had 3 sessions so far.

    kind regards and thanks


    i tried the pain patches and they made me really really ill, so be … i tried the pain patches and they made me really really ill, so be careful with them, I understand what your mum is going through, Im always falling down the stairs these days with the same thing as your mum numb leg and foot, I would ask her GP again about an MRI scan, there is a long waiting list but it does help if the GP marks it as urgent, have to say the spinal injections do ease the pain but they dont last long enough, might be an idea to ask the GP bout these also.everyone says keep moving it helps to stay active, in my case it dont it makes it worse so some days i can barely move and moving makes it worse, Has you mum tried resting for a few days ? it might help with the pain also is she taking anti-inflammatory painkillers? these used to help me as they make the mussle and swollen areas calm down so the sciatic nerve can free itself. the other thing that did help in the beginning was being stretched, this is down by the Physo using a type of traction with light weights to start with to pull on her legs until the nerve is stretched hopefully enough to free itself.( lol they did stretch me 2 inches) I really hope she finds something to help her and your dad, its a nightmare to deal with as its a pain no one can see and most people think your faking it, until they see you trying to move or walk,if you want to talk about it any more you are more then welcome to PM me anytime

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