I would really appreciate any help re: forgotten windows password.

Found 29th Jan 2011
Ok here is my problem.

We have a home access laptop. I have a parental password and a learner one for my children.

My problem is that I can not remember what the parental password is. I reset it many months ago and am a total loss as to what it is.

We can access the laptop through the learner setting but can't add software that my son, currently in 6th form, wants to install to help with his ICT A level.

I have come across a few programs that will allow you to boot up from a CD which would bypass the password stage however the bios is locked and again it requires the damn password that I have forgotten.

I did think reformatting would do the trick however again it will not allow this as again it needs the password.

I am not very technical but can manage some basics. I would appreciate any help - Thanks
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Like most - probably just boot it into safe mod and the admin user account password will be blank. Log in to that and reset whatever you need re user accounts.

I don't know anything about the home access laptop you refer to, however if it's windows based, then there's every opportunity of a default admin account being presented after you boot into safe mode.

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Good advice above. To clarify:

To enter Safe Mode, turn the laptop on and immediately start pressing the F8 key. Keep tapping it until a menu appears (black screen, with white text) and use the down arrow to go to the "Safe Mode" option and select it with Enter.

From there, there should be an account called Administrator, which you can click on and get onto with a password (as it doesn't have one by default on Windows computers)

From there you can go to Control panel and then reset the password from the user accounts section..
^^^^^that or get dos password changer

Hi thanks for advice.

I pressed f8 chose the 'safe mode' option and it loaded much larger text but asked for my password.
6th form or year 6?

"to help with his ICT A level."Take a guess.

Well spotted Sherlock. Seriously.
I don't know many A level students with a "learners" account on a computer.
it really depends on the make of laptop, google the model number
maybe it has a boot device selection key available at boot time, some use F2, F8 or F11, pressing this key will bring up a menu allowing you to select the dvd drive to boot from and use a password reset disk.
this is assuming it is windows and not some 3rd party software protecting the account.
if no key and the bios is set to boot from hdd first, there is only one way, take the hdd and attach it to another pc to do one of the above...
Just reset acer laptop and netintelligence is blocking goin on line all together I still have activation number but can't remember the login details it has been round 4 years since putting them in HELP PLS!!!!
I use trinity rescue kit you need to burn it to a dvd or usb stick but you can boot from it then activate the administrator account and blank the password used it loads of times and it works plus its free worth a go.
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