I5 7600k vs i5 7400

Found 20th Oct 2017
Is it worth spending an extra £35 if your only getting max 5fps difference. Also 7600k doesn't come with a cooler so you'd have to spend more.........
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Yes as the base clock is higher by 500MHz. I would water cool a K rated CPU anyway as stock cooling is crap.
Yes because the 7600K is unlocked and can be overclocked. Your processors main job is not rendering for games. You'll only end up regretting not spending that little bit more in a few months... or weeks
Thanks for the help
better wait for 8th generation (i5 8600k and i5-8400)
Edited by: "Voltix" 20th Oct 2017
It's a bit too expensive and it may have some problems as it's the first of that generation in i5s
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