i7 930 or Phenom II 1090T

    I am still looking for my Dream PC...
    I need some help on choosing the Processor... Heard the Phenom is very good value for money.... Anyone has either of the Processor...
    How would you grade them??

    I am also going for the NZXT Phantom Case.. Any opinion on this case?? I am looking for a flashy case this time..


    Personally, I would go for the Corsair Obsidian 700D :…709
    Monolithic, but an awsome system builders case. Hot swap drive from the front too.

    Or the Coolermaster Sniper Storm (black eddition)…838
    Amazing cooling performance, ideal for overclocking & looks the bussiness!

    As for the CPU, very few things make of multiple cores. I would go for an i5 or an i7.
    I bought an i5 and a Corsair h50 watercooling kit (~£50-£60) , and run it overclocked at 3.6Ghz.
    Performs amazingly, and I could probably push it further, but after about 3Ghz, the gaming performance increase was fairly minimal.


    The H50 wasn't that good, been beaten by some air coolers (although … The H50 wasn't that good, been beaten by some air coolers (although better than most still), the H70 is out imminently though and so far looks quite a bit better.

    True, but I was a bit pushed for space, and the internal airflow wasn't that great in my HTPC, so the H50 was a good fit. Verry happy with it TBH. CPU rarely goes above 55 degrees, even after lots of BFBC2
    Point being, if i was building again, I would probably go for another i5 with a good cooler and overclock it rather than buying an i7.
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    Original Poster

    I would like to OC to above 4GHz..
    I would like to do some video editing work... so wonder 6 core is better?

    What program do you use?

    Original Poster

    I like to play games.. Would like to power Star carft 2 in full glory.
    Otherwise, I use cyberlink or vegas for editing..
    I have a trend of changing about every 3-4 years.. Like to power dual monitor..
    Will also get 1x 27 inch moinitor
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