iam looking for some freeebies to sell at auction where can i get ?? all money will go to my sons a=special need school please advise

    want to raise money for my sons special needs school


    there is a freebies section on Gumtree and HUKD i think

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    thanks will have a look

    try your local businesses or ask other parents / at the local church / ad in community centre
    every little helps

    if you are really wanting to get some good stuff to give away I'd suggest writing letters to some of the big companies. I did this when I did a charity event and Nintendo at the time sent us gameboy colours, Sony sent us some games etc. Obviously this was a good few years ago but worth a try. I know lego should help as they have supported other children's events.
    if you need more help writing a letter or what not message me.


    Ask on your local Freecycle site

    If you have a local Morrison's, worth dropping in and asking to speak to their 'community champion'. Their details are usually on the community board, every store has one and they can help with donations.

    To raise funds for our playscheme we targated local and big businesses in town,a local driving instructor donated 2 free lessons,body shop gave us a soap fruit basket,mcvities donated biscuits,we got loads,we held a dance and raffled the prizes.we also held a car wash for the kids to clean cars.good luck!

    If the school prepared to write a letter, Take a headed paper letter from the school to local shops and businesses, clubs , solicitors, accountants , etc , you may be surprised at the items or services you may get , especially if you ensure all donaters are named in a letter to local paper.
    Remember Rotary clubs and masons, buffs , golf clubs often support local charity's or special schools , often only want to know what the donation is to be used for.
    When I have done this I have been very specific about what equipment or item is required , taking a précis of who will benefit , what is needed and how much money is needed to purchase including pictures of the item /s, also if something needs maintenance like a special needs bicycle how it will be maintained , cost and by whom.

    All the best with your fundraising .

    Depending on when you're having the sale, make a little poster to go on the school entrance doors asking for unwanted presents after christmas - you'll know the sort, soaps / smellies usually...

    Does it have to be an auction ? - how about a simple tombola like one we did recently using cheap raffle tickets - the winning tickets ended in 0 or 5 (i.e. 295 wins, but 296 wouldn't), and we were letting them have 3 goes for £1... you got the prizes for next to nothing or free (via donation) anyway, and it always looks good if people walk away with something, as it encourages others to have a go.

    local online freecycle. A lot of people would be more than willing to donate to a good cause

    you could also do a raffle and ask small businesses to donate something in exchange for their name being advertised. Many will be happy to help and the free advertising is a huge bonus.

    I've just done some posters for unwanted gifts for our school. Already getting donations...the headed letter and the plan of what the dosh will be used for is essential. Remember to email all of the participating companies, with the amount raised and some picccies afterwArds so they can include in a newsletter if they want to.

    Do you have anyone who works for a company that matches fundraising?

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    thanks guys your help and advice is appreciated
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