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I'm going to book ibiza for me and 3 mates in the next month. Where is best for the nightlife in the island? I was also wondering who are the best to book with or even some voucher codes about to get the price down.



Try the thompson auction site

Funny you should ask this, I have JUST been to sleezy jet amnd booked flights for myself and a friend from the 29th July to the 6th of August, that way we can catch the entire radio 1 weekender and make it to a few good nights out to boot.

If you are looking for heady nights out full of noise, alcohol and dont mind a few beer boys running rampage in the streets I would highly recommend San Antonio De Portmany, if you want a more relaxed atmosphere go to Ibiza town, if you dont want to see anybody get a hotel in Portinax, it is the quietest place in the world
If anyone can find me a cheap hotel for the dates I am going (or a sofa to cope with 2 people ) I would be grateful,


i stayed in Playa D'en Bossa which had good nightlife, but if you really want drunken english yobs and more nightlife San Antonio is your best bet.
Near playa d'en bossa you have Space and El Divino as the biggest nearby clubs.
In San Antonio you have Eden and Es Paradis, and in between the 2 is Amnesia - a must go if male :whistling:

If you chose playa d'en bossa there is also a very good waterpark there, for in the daytime

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Well it's really just for the nightlife and it's between san antonio and playa d'en bossa but i'm undecided as i'm unsure which one would be best for clubs etc.

Well i belive which ever you pick out of them 2 you'll have lots of choice with nightlife

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Think I might go with playa d'en bossa. Wheres best for deals?

do you know that most places are closed until 1st May as it is not a winter destination?

San An has the best nightlife! Don't expect to get any sleep whatsoever though, and prices in pubs/clubs are v expensive.
Try and blag VIP tickets for the clubs, rather than paying to get in.

If you are going in April you will be cold, bored and very lonely!!

Most big night clubs wont open till sometiome in may, some dont even open till June now and the smaller clubs in the west end wont even be open.
At this time of year, San an is possibly the livelyest, Bossa will be dead and freezing (well, cold for a hot place :).
In San An you will have the choice of Viva, The Ship Inn, Mermaid bar and a few others, and if you go mid to late April you may be lucky enough to have Koppas night club (yeah right, its REALLY small, maybe 100 people max!!) and towards the end of April you will have Play 2 and Soul City opening.

The season out there is getting shorter and shorted, I know this as I worked there for the last 4 seasons, best time to go (if you want to go early) would be in May in my opinion.


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We are planning to go in August.

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What times do the clubs close around? I was told recently theres one club in ibiza that closes at like 3pm and is open just as others close which i guess is around 4am or 5am.


We are planning to go in August.

Make it the first weekend of August then, that is when the Radio 1 weekender is on.

The club I believe you are talking about is called DC-10, it opens late and closes late, also Space is open until stupid O clock on certain days of the week, think it is Sunday, stays open for about 23 hours!!!!

There is always somewhere to go, if a club shuts at 6am, there is normally a smaller venue or bar opening at that time, if not there are countless after parties going on all over the island, you will love it there.


cheapest site i know of - otbeach.com/

San Antonio is the place to be, all the big clubs are located there and is the capital of partaying in ibiza.
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