IBM races to make hi-tech memory

    Handheld gadgets storing thousands of hours of film footage could soon be a reality thanks to IBM scientists.

    Researchers for the computer giant are working on a technology known as racetrack memory which uses tiny magnetic boundaries to store data.

    In a paper in the journal Science, the team at IBM's Almaden lab in California outline ways to make the building blocks of the novel storage medium.

    The capacity of MP3 players could increase 100 times from present levels.

    But the IBM team say racetrack memory is still seven to eight years away from commercial use.

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    But if memory capacity is doubling every 18 months then in seven and a half years time we'll already have memory that's got 32x as much capacity as we have now, meaning that this is only going to be a relatively measly triple the capacity.

    I used to be an IBMer. "Now we've developed this equipment, how many noughts shall we stick on the end of the price"
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