IBM thinkpad t41 help

    right i got given this laptop to try and fix.,the screen keeps flickering and freezing so i thought it was a virus(as there was viruses on it) so trying to do a fresh install and again got nearly through it and i moved the laptop and it froze again. ?

    anybody know what this is?


    Leave the system at the BIOS setup, or boot with a Ubuntu boot disk to rule out Windows, software, and driver issues. From there, we can start lookign at hardware problems. Edit: Which are probably going to be dust build up on a heatsink, by the way. Best get your screwdriver and the earbuds out.

    Also check the Lenovo site as they often have tech manuals for repair technicians which show which screws to take out in which order etc - used this for a T40 and T40p and saved a whole lot of grief. Dig a little and you shoudl find them - pdfs with diagrams and everything right down to the cable connections etc.

    good luck!

    Original Poster SuperEd

    thank you all ill give it a go!!
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