Ice cream van music.

    I've had an ice cream van driving around my estate all day and he has been playing his really annoying jingle as he is driving around. I thought they were only allowed to play it for a set length of time. Anyone know anything about this before I throw a brick through his windscreen for waking my kids up again?


    Im sure 30 secs was the limit

    No, the limit now is 4 seconds at a time.

    martinhb, you know what would be soooooo cool, if you set the ice cream jingle as your ring tone on your phone...

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    Thought it was something like that. This * had it on for over a minute (I timed it). Thing a call to the cops may be in order if I hear him again.


    No, the limit now is 4 seconds at a time.


    4 seconds lol

    bet every van exceeds that

    Every time I hear the tune, I scream


    Every time I hear the tune, I scream

    Love it :thumbsup:

    Psycho! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Looking at houses there now!


    love it :thumbsup:
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