Ice Cube Maker

    I'm looking to buy an ice machine . Does anyone know of any good deals which are around?
    Many thanks.


    Are you looking for a professional or home use machine?

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    Home use :thumbsup:

    Ice cube tray for 99p :w00t:

    just buy loads of ice trays - waste of money buying an ice machine

    it may seem sweet to have one but its kinda pointless

    They seem to be expensive, but try

    enter ice cube maker - price starts around £107 then escalates into £1000

    Woolworths have quite a variety


    I use two ice cupe trays and a food bag.
    fill both trays and whenever i need an ice cube i empty the rest into the food bag and refill.
    if i need extra before the trays re freeze i delve into the bag.
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