Ice Diamond hair straighteners vs GHD....which ones?

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Found 9th Jan 2010
Has anyone used ICE DIAMOND hair straighteners? I have heard they are very good (and cheaper than) G.H.D's. Any info?
(Should add that daughter has G.H.D's which, I know, are great)


never used ice diamond but would recommend ghd 110%


never tried them but ghd all the way for me x

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Anyone else know anything about ICE DIAMOND straighteners?


GHD - tried them all - I have v curley hair and these get them dead straight every time - had mine for 8 years and still going strong !

stick with my beloved GHD's - love em - my hubby bought me the white pair as a pressie when he came back from serving in Iraq the year before last!

havent heard of ice diamond one - but would say GHDs are great!


never heard of ice diamond, the only ones i have ever heard people say are as good as ghd are the babyliss pro230

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