Icecream flavours and colourings best place to obtain?

    Just purchased an ice cream maker (Hoping for a Hot summer?) and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good site or shop to obtain different flavors and colours to use


    Not sure which icecream maker you used, but could you not put real foods in? for example vanilla pods or strawberries? in which case any supermarket would cater for your needs. If not try the flavoured sryups you find on dessert/ice cream aisles. I used to use starberry sryup to make strawberry milkshake so it might work for ice cream, though it will be hyped with sugar.

    For colourings look on the baking aisle and there are always little food colouring pots.

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    Yes thanks thats what I have done but thought there could be a specialist supplier for concentrates or fruit puree etc as most fruits go out of season quickly or as in most supermarkets have no taste


    i use frozen fruit quite alot or flavoured yoghurt is nice frozen

    cant understand why you would want to put colourings in it though!

    [SIZE=2]why not try the fruit purees in sachets in most supermarkets or use the ones made for the yoghurt makers from Julian Graves.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]I make my own with fruits ive got fresh or had frozen, ideally I go and look at the reduced fruit section in the local supermarkets and get a bulk lot for freezing.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]You can also just use fresh or pressed fruit juices to make fruit ices or sorbets.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Or just use some nice flavoured youghurts.[/SIZE]

    Id avoid all colourings as they can give a funny taste plus they arent necessary really.

    The best way to make homemade is keep it simple and as natural as possible otherwise you may as well just buy it from the shops.

    Invest in a couple of icecream recipe books or pop along to a local libary and copy your favorites out.


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    thanks for the advice from all especially about the colouring. I was thinking of adding it for a ripple effect through the vanilla etc but I will adhere to your advice

    why not use a fruit puree for the ripple?
    my kids love making vanilla and then adding their choice of toppings for individuality...
    some combinations can be quite strange but we have found a few nice ones too


    check out lakeland on this page:…eam

    if you've got a freezer big enough, it may be worth buying fruit when it's in season, making purees of it, then freezing them for later use. The best way to freeze fruit purees is by pouring the puree into an ice cube tray then popping the cubes out into a freezer bag...I'm such a domestic goddess..:roll:

    Organic fruit generally has a lot more taste than non-organic too, so may be worth paying the extra for..

    Also check out your local organic fruit & veg suppliers/ box schemes or farm shops.
    Or how about this:…htm
    Might be worth a try, given that it's billed as 'European' - i.e. it may be a better quality than some of the rubbish that we brand as 'British'...:giggle:

    With most icecream makers you get a recipe book however the greatest find we had with ours was getting a pack of those triple chocolate cookies that they make in Tesco crushing them up a bit and drop them in with a plain vanilla icecream. Is AWESOME! Other one we found yummy was to chop up some Jaffa Cakes and pop them in a vanilla basic recipe :thumbsup:
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