just wondering if anyone has tried the party food from here and if so what is it like ? it all looks very nice on the telly but wondered whether it was ok never bought from iceland before ?


    It's just standard fare - just like you can buy in asda and tescos frozen depts.

    Horrible !

    Its tiny, need about 3 boxes to make a plateful


    Can't tell you about party food but had a frozen quice from there once! Oh! how yuck was that! not buying frozen own brand stuff from there again!

    some of the party food is nice. Some of it is utter ****.

    The mini hotdogs, tikka bites and goujons are nice. And so are the platters.

    Most of the stuff this year is new so dunno, heard good stuff about the nahcos and choc puds, but bad reports on the breaded jalapeno peppers.

    I'm not some frozen food junky btw, i just still have the unfortunate luck of still working there :P

    kerry katona makes it.

    thats all i need to know.

    bring back iceland pecan pies i say!

    Original Poster

    ok thank you all for your help think i wont bother lol


    Ribs were horrible, so were chicken skewers.

    Prawns were OK along with mini tikka thingys.

    mini cornish pasties were delicious
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