Iceland- Sticky Toffee Cheesecake 455g £1



Gonna have to try this cheers OP
Where`s the deal?

These are always a £1
Any one remember the toffee gateau cant find them anywere now
My mouth is watering sponge bob style...
LJM08/08/2019 21:40

Comment deleted

That would be a £1

welcome to Normal Price UKDeals
A pound well spent in my eyes, could spend a tenner on a packet of fags.....
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rosalina181808/08/2019 21:42

It's a new flavour.

No it`s not.

And it`s standard price.…les
Permanent offer, especially if there is no deadline.ExampleFree to Play games, free apps, trial period offers, YouTube videos (like movies, animes or documentaries) and items listed at RRP (like newly released products). Most deals with a due date at the last day of the current year if posted many months before, especially if it was already available the previous year(s) etc.
benrobertsno109/08/2019 08:21

It's not a deal, it's a discussion.

True, it was moved to discussion, as the deal is a permanent price apart from the new flavour.
Saw this in Iceland the other day it looks nice, decided on the Black Forest one thou for £1.50 which also looks nice .Haven't tried it yet thou
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