Ichi The Killer - Uncut - Cheapest?

Found 30th Mar 2007
Hey guys, been dying to see this film for a few years now, but just as i am about to buy it, i don't bother as i am unsure if it is the uncut version.

Many have told me that the cut version is sliced to pieces and is hardly even worth watching, plus i love to see films how they were intended to be watched, so the cut version is basically a no go.

I'm sure a fair few of you lot have saw this one, but i'm wondering if any of you know the cheapest place to grab the uncut version?

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:
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Awesome film, you shalt be dissapointed.

One of my fave movies of recent months :-D I watched th eone I got from … One of my fave movies of recent months :-D I watched th eone I got from Lovefilm, so I don't know if it was full or uncut!!how about this: ][COLOR=blue]3 disc version[/COLOR] [COLOR=#810081]Special Collectors Box[/COLOR] for £9.99 & 10% quidco from HMV??They don't tell me whehter cut or uncut - e.g the cheapest I can see is][COLOR=blue] £3.99 from Choices. [/COLOR]Another version is £5.99 from ][COLOR=blue]HMV[/COLOR],..... !

Thanks for that! Can't really go wrong with £3.99! haha.

I'm pretty certain they are the cut versions though as ]UK2USA has the uncut version and says the running time is 125 mins approx.

Also ]LoveHKFilm state that has a running time of 128 mins (same as uk2usa basically).

All the sites you have linked to say 120 min, so i'm guessing that extra 8 minutes is the cut material?

I might just have to bite the bullet and buy a NTSC Region 1 version and get it shipped


Awesome film, you shalt be dissapointed.

Oh yeah! i'm sure of that! Hence why i'm so desperate to see it in all it's uncut glory!

::EDIT:: Oh! Just noticed that the uk2usa site says it's Region 0 :D. £15.99 though, that's a fair shout from 3.99 hehe.
Personally, I'd go for the £9.99 one from HMV...
I love Ichi The Killer, incredible film. Don't forget to take into account the PAL speed up. I have the Reg 2 version and as long as you have the 'hook' scene you're all set. Introduced a lot of people to this film, definitely one worth having knocking about.
Thanks alot everyone!

Finally decided to go for the UK2USA one. It was the same as the £9.99 HMV version except this seems to be Uncut and is also region 0 (region free). The shipping was free, so it was £15 over all.

5 quid dearer than the HMV offer (thanks again emmajk!) but i wanted to be certain that it was the uncut version :).

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