ICND1 & ICND2 Course Material?

    Hi there,

    Due to be going on a 'boot camp' for the above courses, and was wondering if anyone who has been on these has the material in PDF format, or knows where i can find it?

    Much appreciated if so.




    your welcome...........

    Original Poster

    Lol, hi mate, just been back on to check this thread, as posted it, then had been on HUKD's, but not checked thread, soz.

    Thanks for the link, as just had a quick look there. Looks like i'll have to sign up to that site, but looks as if has plenty of material for all different courses.

    So, a belated thank you, and don't think it isn't appreciated!


    np, its a very useful site for allsorts of info, when you need to do some research etc
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