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    I'm after a bit of ICT career advice. Basically i am a 21 year old who doesn't really have much ICT experience, but i'm after a career in ICT. I'm not entirely sure as to what i want to do within ICT (maybe networking), but have recently been offered a job as a ICT technician (have to start somewhere).

    Are their any qualifications that i could do whilst working that will help me?
    I've read that maybe doing OCR (iPRO) Certificate for IT Practitioners level 2 might be a good place to start, but not sure where i can do this.

    Also any general advice would be good.

    If anyone could help me that would be great.


    level 2 is like gcses

    the best known ICT courses are the Microsoft ones but but but they are expensive

    There is no better knowledge in IT than hands on... I did a pc course at college and learn next to nothing. i already knew most of it from taking pc's apart from a young age. I would get a very cheap pc and have a play with it, add bits like a dvd drive, new ram etc and try networking it up to another pc.

    i hear most techie guys when you ring them up to help you fix a problem with your pc in work they just google it :-o

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    level 2 is like gcses

    Oh right, didn't realise its at that sort of level. Was thinking something along those lines might be a good starter as i don't have much previous knowledge. I'd like to get rather CCNA or MCSE at some stage but don't think i'll have enough knowledge to complete them at the moment. Also i don't think i'll gain much network knowledge fixing/repairing computers.

    CISCO Networking courses - start with the CCNA boot camp

    im currently doing it esseintels course in my school which is brilliant its to do with cisco and i am just takeing ocr level 2 now so i would reccomend trying ure local colledges for a cisco approved work training course and that should help

    if you have already been offered a techie job then your on the right track

    CISCO and MSCE are the best depending on what you want to do. If you work for a company as a trainee then maybe you could get them to sponser you to do these courses part time. I done mine whilst studying for my HND in Programming/Business Studies. The HND was full time but i done my Cisco in the evenings twice a week - worth it.

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    Thanks for your advice guys.

    The job i've been offered is a Trainee Retail IT Technician and its with a newish company based in the South East called The Laptop Workshop. I'll be trained up in the first few months, then left to look after one of the shops. Obviously i don't want to be an IT Technician for the rest of my career, hence looking at qualifications i could gain.

    Also anyone have an idea as to what sort of pay a Trainee IT Technician should be getting?

    Nokia Checkpoint is worth checking out

    Bluecoat also

    I'd say look at the HND part time whilst your working :thumbsup:

    Any experience you can gain is good experience

    You should have access to loads of PCs and laptops. Set yourself up with a copy of VMWare and any trial OS software you can get your hands on. Start working your way through free online tutorial with servers and workstation OS's. Once your comfortbale work yor way through MCSE books and go sit the exam :thumbsup:

    If you prefer networking, have a look at Dynamips which will give you an insight into Cisco IOS and how to configure them. Website called techexams is really good covers lots of different IT related studies.

    Play with whatever kit you can get your hands on you'll always learn something new

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    What about any books people can recommend for me to read that will help give me some basic knowledge on networking?

    Cisco do their own books to train you through each stages of their exams. They are pretty damn good.

    lookup Cisco Express for books
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