Posted 25th Nov 2022
is it good as Three or You can feel its not the 'main network' of the same provider?? thank you! if anyone been on both networks and can share the experience, it would be appreciated!
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    I moved from three to ID and there's a difference.
    Despite being on the same network, noticeably slower and not as good signal in the same places I used to get with Three.

    I opted for ID as I got 100gb a Month for £10 with rolling data (only per month) and... wish i just paid a little more to stay put tbh.
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    I moved straight from three to iD and have not noticed any difference at all
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    Is there any word on what's happened on the merger for three and Vodafone ?
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    I live in Devon and
    Moved over to ID network and not noticed anything different apart from my bill being lower ‘ I pay £10 per
    Month with unlimited text / minutes and 60g data each month rolled over as well .
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    If your looking at ID Mobile then check out Smarty as well, Three network same as ID Mobile (Smarty is actually owned by Three) and the tariff's are often better/cheaper
    I found good deal for contract Google 7 pro everything unlimited for 33£ a month,
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