idea for blockbuster and all dvd rentals

    When you rent a dvd and you like it you get the price of your rental off the new dvd

    Dont see why they dont do this now as rentals come out the same time as the dvd


    I'm shocked............that is actually a good idea. :shock:

    Im sure they did this before, they did with games if you rented it and liked it they credited the amount so when you bought the game it was discounted with that price

    Yeah they used to do it with games.

    I think they should offer you a small amount back if you return the dvd a day early, i mena not much, but it would encourage people to watch it then return, meaning the stores would get a higher turnover of dvds and not have to buy so many (they are like £70 a copy for rental dvds)

    I know they do this at some places. Not sure bout blockbuster though.
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