Posted 30th Jul 2018Edited by:"hearts22"
we've just moved into a flat that has this Ideal combi boiler. Boiler looks quite new by looking at it.

We previously had a normal boiler. I don't have a clue about boilers so bear with me.

We want hot water on. I set the boiler to hot water on, central heating off and it says "ignition lockout, check other gas appliances, contact the installer". There are no other gas appliances. Hob is induction.
I try to restart and it will go to "normal operation, going to standby". What does it mean?
I keep running the hot tap to check if it's heating up the water and water is always cold. Even after hours.
There is a programmer, which I set to manual, as I don't want to program anything. I want the water on all the time since water and gas are included in the rent.
What temperature do I need to set it to?

Please can you help me before I call the agency? Thanks a lot in advance and remember I don't have a clue about how to operate the boiler so if you tell me about the pressure I wouldn't know how to do that.
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