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    Did anyone ever get the free weekday tickets that were on giveaway a few weeks ago?


    No :x I just got an email saying I wasn't lucky :x

    Weren't they giving away 10,000 tickets? Do you really think that many people applied?

    I applied with 2 addresses, one was successful the other not, intend to go on Thursday:)

    I applied - heard nothing!

    Original Poster

    I was under the impression that all that applied was guranteed a ticket. I got nowt.

    yes i had two for midweek.i cant if anyone wants them,pm me with details.

    i rang and complained and was told that all the applications with the code np49 were cancelled.I also tried getting tickets from my local paper who were offering free tickets but was unsuccessful.i am going this thursday but it looks as though i am going to have to pay this year

    :)Yes i had 2 tickets last week, i did think i would not get any though as loads of posts on here who thought they would get them but were e mailed to say they had not been luck this time. DEE
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