Found 26th Mar 2010
has anyone been to the ideal home show this year? any thoughts ? any bargains ? or a must have that you have spotted at the show. or what should be avoided!!!

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Just come back today....if you went last year then its exactly the same apart from NO FREEBIES...yes no more free bags full of goodies unless you pay £3 for a brochure....what a rip off......last year got loads of goodies...thanks god i did not pay for entry....not worth going if no freebies......Nothing really stood out there the usual gadget stuff upstairs and larger items down stairs......for a free day out ok but if you have other things to do then may i suggest you give it a pass this year.....

I went yesterday. No freebies as already stated but not a bad day out. Try to pick a day when there is a celebrity chef on the demonstration stand that you recognise. Yesterday I didn't recognise any of them (typical) but there are going to be decent names there that would be worth a watch - Aldo Zilli, Phil Vickery etc.

I wouldn't bother queueing for the show houses though. The queue took 15 minutes and once inside I thought they were rubbish.

Yeah totally agree with the posters above me fine for a free entry but having to pay for a show guide just to get a goody bag no way,not many celebrities that i saw apart from monty don going about gardening some celeb cheffette who i never heard of virtually same as last year only queued up 10 minutes for the cub house what a waste of time that was never get that back in my life but only 2 things redeemed the day the very sleek speedboat was stunning and the yakitori chicken skewers off the chinise food stall that sums up the day.Just hope grand designs live is better.

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got free tickets so may be a decent day out.. have not been for the last two years so maybe worth a wonder. NO FREEBIES :x this was one of the reason why i go!!!!!!!!!!

thank you guys for your feedback!!!!

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Just got back today, and there are a few bargains to be had. Bought a ]MR Steam Iron Generator - £199.99 everywhere, but being sold at the show for £120 (they will even post it for free too)
Also, bought some ]Woll pans, got 10% off (expensive, but worth every penny, so any discount you can get is worthwhile).
Also, all the furniture downstairs is too be had (just had a quick look, and managed to get between 15% and 20% without trying). Wouldn't recommend the sofas, but the hard stuff like tables might be worth a look, especially if you want have to kit up your house/flat. All the display stuff is up for two weeks, so practically brand-new...
Bargains are too be had, but I suppose only if you need it!
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