Ideas for 2 Year niece birthday present

    Help please
    any ideas for a birthday present for my 2 year old neice looking at spending around £30 instore on online not fussed.


    [COLOR="Purple"]i bought my friends 2 year-old
    fifi bubble lawn mower..
    she loved it[/COLOR]

    have you tried the boots sale, their keyboards are fab! your neice would love one..her parents may not!

    hi there! my daughter was 2 last monday, and i got her a carry along dolls house from tesco, it came with loads of little bits of furniture, and little people. and she LOVES IT! hope that helps

    How about a limited edition or collectors edition Barbie doll, brand new in the box? I have a few different ones of these that I'm looking to sell for my daughter from her collection. I bought one off her and gave it too my neice for her 3rd birthday last month, she loved it. Let me know if you are interested.

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    Quite like the idea of the keyoard as i live 100 miles away!!

    looks like a fun present!

    As the father of a 3-year old girl, the answer I would give is:
    anything made of cheap pink plastic, preferably glittery. Grab a handfull of hair clips from Claire's Accessories.

    If you're buying online at ]Early Learning Centre, don't forget to use the Code: PARTY - 20% off all ]Early Learning Centre items

    lol, i agree the cheaper,sparklier, tackier the better or if you can stick things on it, or has thousands of small bits ready to go up the hoover!

    As a mum of a two year old I can say one of the best toys she has is the Mini Sizzlin' Cooker from Early Learning Centre.…733

    It has food and utensils and keeps her quiet for ages.

    In fact I would say ANYTHING from Early Learning is good as they will swap/exchange stuff really easily and there is so much to choose from.

    Erm-my daughter also loves her indoor pop up tent. They do them in Woolworths and early Learning. is good as can be used inside and outside.
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