Ideas for a 1st birthday present for boy

    I'm hoping someone may be able to give me some ideas what I can buy my son for his first birthday. My problem is that he is my 3rd child and second boy! I have everything but really don't want to just give him money. If he was a girl I would buy jewelery for when he is older but not really an option for a boy. I have got a few bits in the loft but think they would be better for christmas. The easy option is clothes but I feel that I should be getting him a 'main' present



    lego duplo

    I find the concept of giving money to a 1 year old very strange :-D

    It's my daughter's first birthday soon, she seems to enjoy playing with the recycling bin the most, so i might get her some empty milk cartons.

    we brought Scarlett a princess cozy coupe and with the baby tray in it she sits in it like lady of the manor while my little boy whos four pushes her around My sister in law brought her little boy a garage with chunky cars from ELC for her little man and he loves it For my little boys birthday we brought him a tractor ride on and he loved it - little tikes do some lovely ones..
    I wouldnt bother with clothes as most people tend to buy them so then u get too many xxxxx

    sure ur little man would love either of these-…spx…ge/

    Sancho - money is never a bad thing, my little boys bank account is healthier than mine thanks to lots of generous family members!! xx

    How about soemthing for the garden like a sandpit or paddling pool? Childrens trampoline?

    I got my little girl this for her first birthday, even her brother whos older by 7 years plays on it some times :w00t:…Toy

    On a serious note we have just decided to get her a paddling pool and a few bags of plastic balls to go in it.

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    Thanks everyone but we have garages, ride ons, duplo, cars, sandpits, trampolines etc already. This is my problem, although I do love the fire engine version. Because my eldest is 5 and the next is 2 we have everything still. At this age all he likes is cardboard boxes and my mobile phone! He doesn't even okay with the toys he has!!!


    a water pistol or gun for the summer?

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    a water pistol or gun for the summer?

    Think that may be a little too old for him... The 5 year old might like it though ...

    well then id put the money aside until its something he really wants, silly spending on duplicate things just cuz its birthday - as u already know theres years of "mum can I have"

    Yes give money.
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