Ideas for a party bag / alternative for 5 yr old

Found 24th Apr
Party bags don't usually contain anything too useful, are there any alternative ideas which children can be given?! Thanks
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Why don't you make your own party bags? Poundland or pound shops sell 20 party bags for £1. Get your own crisps and drinks and toys or what not to put in them. ill cost you about £10-£15 to make about 40 party bags depending on what you want to put in them??

That's what we do and the kids get to choose what to put in them as they know what their friends like or don't like.
What's the theme of your party? Use the motive and put things related to it.

Eg: My son had a minecraft party. I put some printed out paper figures , pumpkin seeds... etc ( can't rembember everything.
Make something at the party and have that as a goody bag
Seeds ,small pot and a bit of compost.
Buy a pack of books from the Works and give one to each child.
At 5 years unfortunately they really like the cheap tat toys.... i.e bouncy balls, sticky men, flying planes
I usually budget £1 per pag and pay 10p/15p each, for approx 7 toys of ebay + a choc
We have done books and other things in the past, but kids are always happier with toys
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