Ideas for a TV to replace a Panny G20 for around £1000

    I'm after changing my 50inch Panasonic Plasma G20 for something bigger and less electricity hungry. My budget is under £1000 and don't care for smart features as I've got fire tv box. With so many models and brands about its confusing.


    Are you sticking with 50 inches or so champ?

    Replaced my dead Panny VT20 with a Samsung 55JU6400 a year or so ago and wasn't expecting to be overly impressed with motion handling or SD upscaling but was delighted with it. Beats my old Plasma in every department. Also worth noting that Samsung Smart TV's also have full compliment of catchup services as well as Amazon/Netflix/Wauki and Plex so you may not even need that fire TV box...(I ditched my 3rd party media streamers)

    Depends what size you want and if you want 4K/HDR capability.

    There's a chance LCDs' black levels might disappoint after a plasma. If so, an LG OLED is going to have the best image quality and you can get last year's 1080p 55" model (EG910V I think it is) for about £1k if you're not bothered about 4K/HDR and just want the best 1080p picture you can get for the money.

    If you do want 4K/HDR, an OLED is out of your budget, so the Samsung 55" KS7000 LCD seems the best bet at that price. I suspect you've missed the good deals on it from last week though, and would probably be better off waiting until after Christmas if you can.

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    Are you sticking with 50 inches or so champ?

    Would like to go up if possible.

    If your not a brand snob, THIS may interest you. Voted a best buy on AVForums.
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