Ideas for "Blue EVERTON food" ????

    am the only blue living in a red household, and am having a party tomorrow so am going all out, can any of you think of any blue food, ie i have about every cake iced in blue, thanks


    blueberry muffins
    also im sure you can get some kind of cheap pop thats blue....bubblegum or something

    p.s isnt everton technically blue and white???? meaning you could mix blue and white things up...might give you more options

    blue jelly

    just serve the red necks bitter lemon

    What about blue riband chocolate biscuits ?the packet is blue.

    Blue smarties
    Danish blue cheese
    blue icepops

    blue slush puppies and blue ice pops:thumbsup:

    ooooo them millions sweets in blue...although you would need a hell of a lot

    and drinks;-)

    Charlie Scene;5347753

    and drinks;-)

    or blue aftershock :w00t:...........or even blue curacao for cocktails

    fosters lager
    mix blue colouring in philadelphia cheese urghhh

    walkers cheese and onion crisps

    Original Poster

    lol wkd mmmmmmm

    make blue ice cubes with this,guaranteed to liven things up

    cant you paint some TOFFEES with blue food colouring?:thumbsup:
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