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    Hi Im helping out a friend and am busy ringing round trying to get some raffle donations and prizes we can auction. Anyone had any experience doing this in th past and might have a few ideas of which companies will and wont help. I realise a lot have there own dedicated charities they help on a regular basis but surely there must be some tht help out? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. this is the link for xxxxxxx we are trying to raise funds for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    ** Mod edit : please don't post or send links to specific charity requests as per forum rules, general fund raising advice only please, thank you and good luck

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    I used to have to do this a part of my job. I had to talk companies into donating a prize each month for the best person on a course - the courses were 'get back to work' courses for people on JSA.

    I found that the companies that would donate were more likely to if you approached the manager of a local store rather than going through head office.

    The following companies sponsored on several occasions:

    TJ Hughes - donated a microwave, a vacuum cleaner and a dinner set.

    Pizza Hut - donated £30 vouchers on 4 separate occasions, so a total of £120.

    Wilkinsons - £25 voucher

    Asda - £30 giftcard

    Also good to try small local companies, I had lots of donations from them, does take a lot of calling and pleading though!
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