Ideas for fathers day please

    I don't want to spend much and it must be light as we are in spain at the time. I have already bought a personalised card and would like to get something for less than £10. It's for my OH who is early 30's from a 3 year old and baby. I'm normally really good at this but just can't think. He is into Xbox 360 if that is any help


    Might sound a bit soppy but just an idea - ask someone to take a piccy of the 3 of you when you are on your hols. Get a nice frame & voila- instant pressy to remind of a special time!


    sorry - 4 of you!! cant count!

    Fifa 07 - XBox 360. 568/2306 Fuzion Frenzy 2 - Xbox 360. 568/0212 Xbox 360 64MB Memory Unit. 567/9278
    £9.99 each from argos…783

    asda are doing photo mugs for around £5. just upload your pic and they print it onto a mug.

    edit: and then obviously post it to you

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    Got a photo fathers day card with 4 photos of the children, but nice idea with the frame. He has all the games he wants for 360 I might look at the memory though. Is it something he might need? He doesn't drink tea or coffee so doesn't use a mug. Might see if I can find a glass one though as he does use one at work. Nice idea

    Just checked memory card and they have none in stock near me. Was about to reserve one:cry:

    Hi you could get some modelling clay and get the little one to press feet & or hands into it wait for it to dry (24 hrs) then mount it into a box photo frame i did this for my patrtner for fathers day from our son total cost under £10.00 the link below is the clay i used (from a well known auction site ):whistling:, i also found feet easyer to get good impresions from but my sone is just 7months :-D

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