Ideas for kids charity gift box ?

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Hi everyone,

I am doing a gift box for a family that is a girl 5 and two boys 8 & 12 as this is organised by a charity we only know the sex and ages, so It's very hard to pick something as we don't know likes and dislikes. I am wanting to pick something good we are thinking our budget is around £30 per child as we have to do a food hamper for the family as well . So I am hoping with the help off this website we can get some great and useful presents . The more toys on sale I get the more they have , obviously I don't want to buy rubbish justto have more present . Any ideas would be great or know off any good sales or offer 😃

Edit: someone asked about the charity details: it's a small local Christmas drive for family's who don't have a lot for Christmas. Its run by church & chapels so if you just ring your locals to you and ask they might run one to and you can get involved, now I don't attend any of the two myself we got involved as my husband works with a man who's mum helps run it and this year we said we would take on a family.
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For the 5 year old, shopkins, my little pony, tsum tsum for some reason the little one's are really eager with the tiny overpriced toys. Colours and colouring book would be good too. (My daughter is 5)
My 9 year old loves marvel stuff actually do does my 13 year old. Anything Minecraft you can't really go wrong as kids that age seem very into Minecraft.
Hope that helps and can I just add that's a great thing you're doing and maybe you can share which charity so others could also look into participating too
Oh and anything nerf boys love it
Board games, some quick to play ones like this What's in the fridge game? . What's in the fridge? Galt do a lot, my grandkids love them. Easy to play. Quick to play, so little ones don't lose concentration (big ones either).
For the older ones the Works have some decent stationery sets for very little money Stationery set £10 .

Failing that, anything in a big will play for hours with that box!!

Well done you and your charity. I wish you well.
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What's in the fridge
Also if you browse The works and go to leave the page without buying, a pop up appears offering you 10% discount. Handy to know.
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Jenna would be a good family game for all ages. Have a look on the 2 for £15Argos toys as they have a lot of choice. I would try The Works for reading and colouring books
Oops Should say Jenga not Jenna
These ideas are great help, an update on presents so far :
superdry watch for the 12year old
lego car and lego robot pack to build and hex bug set and one small minecraft figure pack for the 8 year old
tsum tigger case and three 2pks off tsum, and two board game (only small unbranded games)
32872323-5eWZe.jpg For those who took their time to reply this is a update , 5 bags of gifts and 7 boxes of food and drinks ( no alcohol lol) have now been packed and should be with the family. Thanks for your ideas 💡.
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