ideas for mums fiftieth next week?

hi everyone was hoping someone might give me an idea of what i could do for my mums has to be child friendly too as theres lots of grandkids was thinking a party but any theme ideas or games suitable for adults and kids or someone we could go even any help would be gratefully accepted!


Why not book a table at Sizzlin - cheap night out too as it still has the 2 for £5 so if 20 of you went only £10 for food, which leaves you money to buy her a lovely present too

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hi thanks for the reply!wheres sizzlin not heard of it.

party theme = childhood.

my friend had this for her 30th was brilliant. everyone dressed up as something to do with childhood ie. character from their childhood. we played kiddy games too - pass the parcel - musical statues etc. we all got party bags with kiddy things in it like sherbet fountains, white mice, flying saucers!

aww that party was the best!

for my mums 50th i sent her 50 50ps she loved it also flowers and choc and for the eve the whole family chipped in and we went out for a meal was great age 50 ballons are fun to ... good luck what ever you do x
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